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Ninja SEO Digital Marketing Agency is the perfect SEO solution for websites that want to improve their google ranking and convert more sales.

We offer a wide range of SEO services, from Content service to Technical service.

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Ninja SEO Marketing started in 2022, born from our owner Ben Lowe dream to create an SEO company that provides top-tier SEO services ranging from full SEO campaigns to providing start-ups and enterprises’ businesses the most in-depth and expert services in SEO, we are already a top rated SEO agency Philippines.

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Ninja SEO Digital Marketing Agency Core SEO Services

Ninja SEO provides top-tier search engine optimization (SEO) services that help websites rank higher on Google (SERPs).

Our SEO experts have extensive knowledge and experience in the latest techniques and algorithms used by Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and other leading search engines. We help website owners achieve their desired online visibility and traffic through comprehensive on-page and off-page optimization strategies.

On-Page Optimization

On-page SEO is a process most other SEO agencies don't grasp properly and poorly optimize their clients' websites. Ninja SEO Marketing is a professional SEO Agency that loves solving your on-page SEO problems. We know keywords in titles or meta's don't help you rank for that targeted keyword. We use a user-focused approach, and we are very passionate about optimization for users first, to us, it is all about the user experience being the best it can be and, in return, increasing your sales. Don't let these other SEO agencies waste your budget on nonsense.

Content SEO

Content SEO Optimization

Ninja SEO wants to help you create amazing content that is insightful and will engage your users. With the Google update leaning increasingly toward unique and helpful content, it is paramount that you choose the right SEO Agency that will help you use the right SEO practice for your business and website and most importantly the users.

Local SEO

Local SEO is vital to any local business; understanding how to optimize GMB properly is complex and most businesses haven't the time to focus on this integral SEO process. Let Ninja SEO Marketing focus GMB for you.

Technical SEO

Ninja SEO is passionate about having our client's website technically sound. We don't just provide SEO audits and do not carry out the work as most other SEO agencies do. We know what we are doing and will do all optimizations for you. We also have a vast knowledge of HTML and CSS and so on.

Link Building

Our link-building service provides mid-tier to high-tier backlinks, balancing high quality and affordability perfectly. We provide you with various backlinks, including dofollow, nofollow, and pug links. With our link-building service, you can rest assured that your website will receive the attention it deserves. Ninja SEO Marketing ensures that every link is created in the same niche as your business.

Keyword Research

We don't just give you a list of keywords and not help you with targeting them effectively. We have reports and processes that make keyword research a breeze, and you are in good hands with Ninja SEO keyword research reports. Leave the hard work to us, and let's blow the competition out of the water.

SEO Audits

We offer a basic free audit to give you an idea of the area you are failing. This is usually basic but probably better than 90% of our competitor's SEO agency's in-depth audits. We offer an amazing PDF audit that will blow our competition away and be nothing they can even compete with. When Ninja SEO Marketing does a 6 or 3-month SEO campaign, we use a spreadsheet format that's accessible 24/7, including the keyword, competitor research and, most importantly, your SEO strategy.

Page Speed Optimization

Are you tired of waiting for your website to load? Is your bounce rating astronomically high? Is that due to the site being drastically slow? With Our Page Speed Optimization, your website will load in no time, and your visitors will have a great user experience. No more Google console score fails with Ninja SEO page speed optimization.

Boost Your SEO Today!

At Ninja SEO Marketing, we use the best SEO tools in the industry to help achieve your goals in SEO and within your industry.

Here are a few of which we like to use on all of our clients. SEMrush, SurferSEO Sitebulb and Screaming Frog at Ninja SEO Marketing; we have all the resources and skills we need to make your website rank higher and increase your leads.

Ninja SEO - Organic traffic increase for one of our clients.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a must for any website that wants to stay ahead of its competitors. 

Ninja Technical SEO services can help you improve your website’s speed, usability, and crawability, making it easier for Google to index you and, most importantly, reduce your Google crawl budget on your site.

Content SEO

Our content services are the practice of optimizing your website’s content for users and ensuring your content is leaving the user satisfied.

This will help signal to Google that your content is helpful to the users, which will help rank your site higher on Google results pages (SERPs). 

Link Building

Link Building is an effective way to improve your website’s DA and SERP results.

By creating niche-friendly links from other websites that are linking to yours, you are indicating to Google that your site is an authority on a particular subject in your niche.

As a result, your website will appear higher on Google results pages (SERPs), increasing traffic and visibility.

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Sassin Lowe

I'm a ninja marketer, SEO expert and HR/admin extraordinaire and founder. I have over 3 years of experience in online marketing.

Ben Lowe

I am Ben Lowe, co-owner Of Ninja SEO Marketing. I use on-page SEO strategies to help our clients rank higher

Jenny Frances

Hello! I'm Jenni, a Ninja SEO marketer and project director. My goal is to make sure you project runs smoothly